Skin Tags Pictures

skin tag pictures

When I first got skin tags, I didn’t know exactly what they were. Were they a skin tag, mole or a wart? Most people don’t know what they actually look or what is growing on their skin. That can be a scary thing because moles can be cancerous and warts contagious. Check out my blog post on the difference between skin tags and warts right here. So knowing what a skin tag looks like is very important. Many people want to see skin tag pictures to compare to their own. This article and video below will show you different kinds of skin tags, what they look like, colors and more.

What Skin Tags Look Like

Skin tags are balls or flaps of skin that hang from the base of your skin. Typically, a stalk connects the skin tag to the skin. The stalk may be thin and long or wide and short. The surface of the skin tag may appear smooth or wrinkled. It’s funny, but sometimes they look like a small brain to me. The skin tag picture below shows a skin tag with a thin stalk.

skin tag pictures

Skin Tag Locations

Skin tags can appear anywhere on your body. Typically, they are mostly found near skin folds, armpits, eyelids, neck, back and groin areas. This is so because one of the skin tag causes is from skin rubbing on other skin. A tight shirt collar or bra strap and tight jewelry will likely cause skin tags around the neck or under the arm area. The skin tag picture below shows a bunch of skin tags under an arm pit area.

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Skin Tag Colors

As far as the color, normally they are the same color of your skin but other times they may be darker or appear black. I wrote a blog post on what causes a skin tag to be black. You can check it out by clicking right here. The skin tag picture below shows a black skin tag darker in color.

black skin tag


Skin Tag Grouping

Skin tags may be in groups where it’s hard to count how many there are. In other locations, a skin tag may be isolated and be the only one in the area. I like these skin tags because the tying off method I use gets rid of it and makes the whole area skin tag free. If you want to learn the tying off method, I explain it fully in my free e-book you can download in this same website by clicking here. The skin tag picture directly beneath shows a grouping of skin tags.

skin tag pictures neck

Eyelid Skin Tags

Eyelids are a popular place for skin tags. Most of the time there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to there size or stalk type. Eyelid skin tags may be the worst because it’s the most visible to others when they look at you. The smaller ones like in the left side of the skin tag picture beneath, almost seems like something foreign landed on the eyelid and needs to be wiped off. A friend of mine, with the same exact skin tag, was once told by someone that something was on her eye.

skin tag pictures

Skin Tags On The Nose

For some reason most skin tags appear on the side of the nose where it meets your face skin, like in the picture underneath. It’s probably because there is a skin fold there where friction exists between the two skin surfaces. These skin tags always seem to be round with a wide base where it meets the skin.

skin tag picture nose

Related Question

What’s the difference between a wart and a skin tag? A wart is a hard bump found deep in the skin while a skin tag is a growth that hangs from the skin surface. Warts are contagious while skin tags are not. Warts develop from coming in contact with a virus while skin tags develop without any contact.


Below is a skin tag video showing you what different skin tags look like. It is from the How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags YouTube Channel. Below the video there is a link which you can click to subscribe to the Skin Tag Channel.


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