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skin tags on face

When someone is speaking to you, most times they are looking somewhere on your face. Of all the places to have skin tags, the face is probably the least desirable because they are more visible to others. I can understand the frustration that you are experiencing because I used to have skin tags also. I had more on one side of my neck than the other and tried to angle my face a certain way to make them less visible. But when they’re on your face, there are not much you can hide.

How do you remove skin tags on your face? A dermatologist uses 3 common methods to remove skin tags on your face. Cryotherapy, which is freezing the skin tag. The 2nd is cauterization, which is burning it off with a cautery tool. The third is by surgically removing it with a scalpel or scissors. In addition, there are several home methods people use.

This blog post will tell you all about the methods the dermatologist uses. Also, I explain some of the popular home methods and why you should avoid one in particular. If this method is used wrong, it can burn your skin. Just like a mother did when using it on her 8 year old son.

Dermatologist Methods For Removing Skin Tags On Face

A dermatologist will determine which method is best for removing a skin tag. Removing skin tags from the face requires extra care and planning. Things they take into consideration are the location, size and amount of skin tags need to be removed. Typically, insurance will not cover the cost of a removal for cosmetic reasons only. If your skin tag is causing irritation or pain, the insurance is likely to cover it. A skin tag removal can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 but the average cost is around $150.

face skin tags

Cryotherapy: A doctor will spray liquid nitrogen on the skin tag causing it to freeze. The liquid nitrogen can be about 300 degrees below zero. The cold kills the tissue of the skin tag causing it to fall off. It’s a fairly simple method, doesn’t involve any anesthesia or numbing and takes a few days to a week for the tags to fall off (resource). A friend of mine just had this done to 6 skin tags located on his neck and it worked on all 6 of them.

Cauterization: A doctor will use a cautery tool to apply heat to the base of the skin tag. This method burns the skin tag off immediately. The heat will also be used to stop the bleeding from the open wound. This is an immediate, quick process and usually costs less than cryotherapy (resource).

Cutting: A scalpel or surgical scissors will be used to cut the skin tag off. First the doctor will numb the skin tag and surrounding area with an injection. If the skin tag is very small he/she may not use an injection. Once the skin tag is cut off, the wound might require a stitch to close it up and stop the bleeding (resource).

Home Remedies For Skin Tags On Face

A dermatologist is the best way to have skin tags removed, especially ones on your face. Regardless, people are using home methods out of convenience and to save money so I’ll tell you about them. I can certainly understand, because I tried all the home methods myself for various different reasons.

Apple Cider Vinegar: I wanted to mention this one first because it’s causing chemical burns on people’s skin. A mother used apple cider vinegar on her son’s knee and caused the skin to burn, turn color and required medical attention (resource). A 14 year old girl used it on her nose to remove 2 moles (resource). She too ended up with a chemical burn and possible scarring. In both these cases, they left the vinegar on over night.

The apple cider vinegar remedies I have come across will tell you to only leave the vinegar on for a short time. First, place some on a cotton ball and apply it to your skin tag. After 10 minutes remove it from your skin tag and immediately wash the area with war, soapy water. The method says to repeat this daily until the tag falls off. After a few weeks of trying this, my skin started getting irritated, and I immediately stopped. I would not recommend trying this, especially if it’s on your face.

Tea Tree Oil: Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball, put it on your skin tag and hold it in place with a bandage. Keep it on for about 10 minutes and remove it. Repeat this about 2 times a day for about 2-3 weeks until the skin tag falls off.

Dental Floss: This method involves tying dental floss around the base of the skin tag where it attaches to the skin. If the floss is tight enough, it will cut off the skin tag’s blood supply causing it to die. From my experience, it can take about a week for it to fall off, if it was done correctly.

Another home remedy is natural, safe and has worked in as little as 3 days. Check out my blog post on this method by clicking here.

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Related Questions

Why do I get skin tags on my face? Skin tags are common around the eyelids and nose crease. This is so because a common cause of skin tags is skin rubbing on other skin like in skin folds. Other causes can be due to insulin resistance which is linked to skin tags and an increase in certain hormones associated with skin tags, like during pregnancy.

Can apple cider vinegar remove my skin tags by drinking it? Apple cider vinegar has been shown in studies to help with insulin resistance. Since insulin resistance has been associated with skin tags, apple cider vinegar may help prevent skin tags.


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