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Nobody wants skin tags. I’ve never heard anyone say to me they would rather keep their skin tags. Removing skin tags is a desire of anybody who has them. Even though the desired course of action to get them removed is through the dermatologist office, it’s unpossible for some people.

There’s a number of reasons why someone will choose to remove them at home instead of going to a doctor. Insurance and costs top the list. If you decide to get rid of skin tags at home, even though I don’t recommend it, it should be done safely.

Skin Tag Removal And Safety

Infection: Cutting skin tags off at home with your own tools can lead to an infection. Most people will use nail clippers or scissors to cut the skin tag off. The scalpels and surgical scissors a dermatologist use are sterilized equipment. I’ve seen videos of people using clippers at home, and they don’t even attempt cleaning them. In addition, I haven’t seen anyone in those videos use gloves for their hands. The combination of exposed hands and non sterile equipment is a recipe for infection.

A skin infection is when bacteria or germs enter the open wound, and the bacteria spreads. Most infections will go away on their own, but others can continue and cause complications. They can result in pain, swelling and discoloration. If this happens, a trip to the doctor is necessary which is what the person with the skin tag was looking to avoid in the first place. Hopefully, the infection would get under control with some antibiotics.

Scarring: Even when a dermatologist removes a skin tag by cutting, sometimes it requires a stitch or two. If you were to cut off your skin tag at home, it’s likely your open wound will require a stitch. Using your own cutting devices increases the likely hood of this happening. The nail clippers or scissors you have at home are not as sharp as the ones a doctor would use. Since your open would will be larger than it should and take longer to heal, scarring will likely result.

Uncontrolled Bleeding: Because you don’t have the necessary tools and the ability to stitch an open wound, continuous bleeding can occur. If this does happen to you, the like odds of your blood pressure dropping or going into shock probably won’t happen. But scarring and infection can occur as a result. If you are bleeding and it won’t stop, try the following:

  • Apply direct pressure to the wound.
  • Elevate the wound above the height of your heart.
  • If your bleeding fails to stop, obtain medical treatment as soon as possible.

Safer Ways To Remove Your Skin Tags At Home

Some devices can be purchased at your local pharmacy or online. These devices are designed to remove skin tags and have been approved for use. For those reasons they are a safer option for you. One such device is called the Tagband. There are freezing sprays made for removing skin stags and over-the-counter chemical liquids. With any of these devices, please read and follow the instructions.

Skin Tag Removal Safely

If you would like to try a safe, effective at home method, there is an option other than cutting it off. You can read my review in this same website by clicking here. It’s helped over 12,000 people this year already!


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